Name: Sofia
Surname: Riga
Born on: 18 July, 1988
In: Patras (Greece)
Specialty: Athletics
Club: Athletic association of ” GA Eleftherios Venizelos Chania

Sofia was born in Patras on July 18, 1988. The 26 year old champion has already won 18 medals (8 gold, 7 silver and 3 bronze) in national championships in the 5,000 m. and 10,000 m., in the rough road distances and in the marathon, in the categories of adolescents and women.

Currently, she is racing with the colours of the athletic association of ” GA Eleftherios Venizelos Chania ” with the support of which she has made her bigger success.

She specializes in the Marathon and long distances of rough road and she is champion of Greece in endurance races with many appearances with the national team in Balkan and European races.

In 2011, at the age 23 she ran for the first time in a marathon where she managed to make a successful debut at the distance of 42,195 meters in the international marathon of Capri (Italy) where she finished in 7th place ranking among women athletes, achieving the very good performance of two hours 41 minutes and 37 seconds, which was the best performance for a Greek athlete in 2011.

She was also the winner in the National Championship Marathon held in Classical Athens-Marathon route alongside the International Marathon of Athens where she ranked 5th in general classification of women.

In 2013, during the international marathon in Berlin, she ranked in 12th place in the general category of women and in the 6th place in her category with performance 2: 39′.10 ” which is the 6th best performance ever for a Greek woman athlete.

In 2014, she continued the glorious tradition of the Marathon for the second time in her career, where she finished first in the National Championship, held in Athens. The runner from Patras finished in 2: 45′.38 ”.

The young athlete, who is in the fourth year in the faculty of Nursing in the Technological Institute of Patras, has a very promising future in the sport and because of her young age – being only 26 years old.

She has run just five marathons in her career. In 2012 she abandoned the marathon in Athens and she claimed a good ranking in Florence, where she ranked 7th in 2: 47′.09”. Last year in Berlin she made her personal record of 2: 39′.10 ” and she took the 12th place in 2014 where she won again in the original route.

Across the Atlantic, in the US, and more specifically in the marathon of Houston she was the first European woman who finished in 16th place in a time of 2: 47′.27 ”.

Her last performance in the marathon has shown that she can achieve the threshold for her participation in the Olympic Games that are going to be held in Rio, Brazil, in 2016 and is the most important athletic goal for Sofia.