Sunday 28th June the 3rd edition of the “In Coppia verso il Cielo” race took place in Aviatico at Poieto Mount.

The race winds its way on a track of 13 km, sometimes tough, for a total height difference of 355m, which leads from the 1022m of Aviatico to 1377 m of Poieto mount, a part on tarmac, part on a highly evocative path, in one of the most spectacular scenarios of the Orobie Pre-Alps.

Here the runners have been welcomed by music and Radio Pianeta speakers, about 2000 clapping public, and could restore thanks to the premium refreshment point, with artisanal pizzas, sandwiches, fruit and plenty of drinks.

Runners have been awarded with a free of charge sample of Gunamino Formula Sport and Guna Basic