1st edition of the ”10 km dei boschi Memorial Marcello e Osvaldo Longo”

calimera 2

On Sunday, 15 November the 1st edition of the “10 km dei boschi Memorial Marcello e Osvaldo Longo” took place in Calimera, close to Lecce.

Over 450 registered athletes participated. They were national and international athletes.

This event was combined with the firstPasseggiata non agonistica per le vie di Calimera” (“Non-competitive walk through the streets of Calimera“), in the beautiful wood of the Natural History Museum of Calimera, with the “Prima passeggiata con l’animale amico” (First walk with your pet friend“) and the cup “Corri ragazzi”. 

GUNA SPORT sponsored this event and gave all participants product information and samples of the SPORT line. Furthermore, the winners received a free package of Gunamino Formula Sport.

An important training session was held the day before the race, with the aim of informing athletes on proper amino acid supplementation in the various levels of sporting activity. It was a good opportunity to sponsor Gunamino Formula Sport.